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Where can you smoke marijuana in Vermont?

  • August 16, 2018
  • BarrSternberg
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Even though Vermonters now can legally possess, consume, and grow marijuana, strict rules apply to where they can do so.

Joint in a backyard

In our previous post, we have mentioned that individuals are permitted to consume marijuana in “individual dwellings only.” Does that include your backyard or a porch?

Based on the bill and recent testimonies, we can assume that you are allowed to smoke marijuana in your home, garage, or on the curtilage of your property. ‘Curtilage’ is defined as the land immediately surrounding your house, including any closely associated buildings and structures. What the curtilage does NOT include is “any field beyond” and any closely associated buildings or structures that have their own occupants. Overall, we recommend smoking marijuana in a place that has a reasonable expectation of privacy and where you won’t disturb anyone with your activities.

Keep your home safe, and contact us if you have any issues!

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