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Using marijuana while on parole

  • August 16, 2018
  • BarrSternberg
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Could Vermonters on parole take advantage of the recent legalization of recreational marijuana?

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Act No. 86, the new marijuana law, does NOT “limit the authority of law enforcement, the courts, the Department of Corrections, or the Parole Board to impose penalties on offenders who use marijuana in violation of a court order, conditions of furlough, parole, or rules of a correctional facility.”

To sum up, it all depends on your parole conditions. Restrain from drug/ alcohol use and attendance of drug- and alcohol-related meetings are among the most common parole conditions. Remember, that parole officers may make unannounced visits to your home that let them check whether there is evidence of parole violations like drug use. We strongly encourage individuals on parole not to risk their freedom and abide all the parole conditions.

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